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Illustration Pricing

Cover Art: $150

One page Illustration $115

Full Spread $160

Layout, Text & Formatting: $150. The book layout will be to your specifications, for example:
Book Size: 8x8
Full bleed vs. no bleed
PDF finished book ready for print.
All images are a minimum of 300dpi

Step 1:  Zoom Meet to discuss vision of your book
Step 2: I will submit an illustration based on an section of your book
Step 3: Do you like the illustration? Three (3) revisions per illustration page.
Step 4: Determine if we can we work together.
Step 5: Discuss deadline. Contract signed and 50% up front
Step 6: Finish project: GO TO PRINT!

How does this work?

Available on amazon. Just click the book! 

coming soon

Cover- Giraffes Tale.png
Cover Butterfuly USE THIS R.png
cover page front.png


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