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1. How long will it take to have my book completed?

2. Why do I only get 3 revisions per illustration?

3.What if I pay you 50% and we get half way though the book and I decide I don’t want to finish the book?  I charge $115 per illustration. I will retain the payment for the illustrations that have been approved and refund the remainder of unused down payment.

4.When is the remainder of the payment due? I will send you a final PDF (watermarked) for approval. When I receive final payment the clean (unwatermarked) version will be released to you and your publisher.

5. What if I have my own Publisher? How do I get my illustration from you to my publisher?

6. Do I have to pay you royalties when my book sells? If you are going through KDP, No. But I do require that I am listed as the illustrator of your book (s). If you have a publisher who is publishing your book, I  typically earn between 3.5 percent and 6 percent in royalties per book. This varies with each publisher.

7. Who owns the illustration copyright to my book? Generally, when a work is created, it belongs to the creator – the creator, is the ‘first owner of copyright’. So, in the publishing context, authors/writers start off owning copyright in the works they have written. The same usually applies to an illustrator’s artwork.
What is KDP? Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing

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